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Memories Forgotten

You wake up in a strange land. Two suns catches your eyes, something should be strange with that but you don’t know why. In fact you don’t know anything from the past. You know your name and that’s it. There are others around you that are just waking up just in the same predicament.

OK so it’s been done before but for my kids it’s new.

They wake up on the islands of Kora Tola and find in the “chest” or so they thought a letter addressed to each of them and a map of the islands. The mysterious benefactor “W” saved them from enslavement. They were summoned from another world by a group of Summoners called the Red Hand. The summoned creatures are permanently summoned and under their total control. The new slaves also suffer from memory loss. The Red Hand according to “W” are using the slaves to mine a new mineral they found which enhances their magical ability 100 fold. What they plan on using it for is still undetermined. No matter what it is, “W” stated that he saved them but not their families, that is up to them. Do they try to save a family they don’t remember having?

Home Page

Memories Forgotten darkestmiracleman