The campaign starts on a group of 3 islands known as the Tora Kola islands. The islands as a group are secluded from the rest of the world at large. There is an impassable magical barrier that surrounds the islands that was put in place. No one knows how it got there or why. All they know is that the islands have been totally isolated from the rest of the world for 400 years.

There are 3 islands. Tora is located to the west and is mostly inhabited by humans. Kola is located to the east and was inhabited and ruled by a large population of elves. The third island is Dragon’s Tooth. This island is uninhabited and also has the distinct attribute of floating. It floats anywhere from 100 to 500 feet in the air. There are 2 smaller islands located to the south west but are uncharted and unexplored. Rumors of ruins from an ancient empire on the larger one sometimes flutter about but no one knows for sure.

When the magical barrier surrounded the islands 400 years ago, the humans blamed the elves of Kola and vice versa. Ships that tried to pass the barrier we abruptly stopped and took damage. A few ships even sank when they tried to ram the greenish gaseous barrier. Magic users from both sides tried to destroy the barrier but were fruitless. They couldn’t even determine what it was much less even detect it. It was as if the barrier shouldn’t even be there. Clerics, in their almighty pride came to the conclusion that only divine intervention could rend asunder the barrier. Meanwhile, Tora and Kola went to war. Both navies suffered heavily but the humans of Tora eventually destroyed Lleylwyn, Kola’s capital city. The armies of Tora cut down the single oldest tree that the elves venerated for many generations. It stood 800 feet tall and was as wide as a colosseum. In fact, that is what the humans made the trunk of it into. To watch the rebel elves fight among themselves for entertainment.

The elves were shattered and quickly surrendered after the tree was destroyed. But the heart of the elves lived on. When the tree was cut down and the wood used for building, spores stored inside of the wood itself were released. More trees started to sprout and grew quickly. These trees quickly overcame the human settlements. The elves started to revolt against the oppression and slave labor. And so the second war began 20 years after the first. The Kola elves slaughtered men, woman and children. Repaying in kind to what was done to them. The first strike was a heavy one. The Tora humans struck back. The blood flowed to the ocean, and in areas it was as if the ocean was blood itself.

Grom Thislebush, a blacksmith from Tora came up with a plan to end the war. Grom trained an army not to fight as an army but individual teams. He trained 30 5 man teams in infiltration, subversion, and assassination. Grom sent these teams out to kill any and all elves. Entire villages were wiped out. Some by killing them all in their sleep. Other teams were more creative in their murder and used poisons in the well, or diseases in livestock. Thousands of elves were slaughtered in a matter of weeks. These teams were collectively known as Grom’s Hammers.

A few hundred years later, humans began to sympathize with the treatment of the elves. They eventually became free citizens and were treated fairly by the King of Tora. As for the people…that’s different. Most elves are content but dream of reclaiming their kingdom but fear what the humans would do.

400 years later, no one knows how the barrier was put in place or how to remove it. The colloseum is still used for everyones entertainment. If accused of a crime, any crime you are sent to prison to await your trial. If found guilty by the nobles of Tora you are sent to the colloseum. If you live you are free. Some citizens have started to suspect that some of the criminals are not true criminals at all but rather, fodder to keep the population entertained.

Kola has no “true” Tora Nobles for their court. To lessen the threat of rebellion the King of Tora appointed a Prime Minister to rule for him in his place. The courts of Kola are decided by the Elders. The Elders are appointed by the Prime Minister himself and must be approved by the Elven Elders. So far no elves have been appointed in 400 years.

20 years ago, the Prime Minister died in his sleep and was replaced with Payton Farquar. Since taking his post, he has been reclusive and rarely seen. The only time anyone sees him is at the colleseum. Rumor has it that he is the one that has been summoning very strange and powerful beasts to fight in the pit.


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